Svetlana is not the only coach I’ve ever tried, but she certainly is the best. She has the balance of skills required to help anyone achieve their dreams.

Sometimes advancing in your career means stopping to take a good look at where you are. Sometimes it means changing track.

With Svetlana, I learned that there’s no point busting a gut to achieve a goal that doesn’t really move you.

My skills were not the problem. Nor was my job. I had to change.

Svetlana listens, guides, and provides insights. She repeatedly demonstrated that she has an extraordinarily high EQ and she used those skills to give me techniques that have dramatically improved my Emotional Intelligence. I have to admit that she surprised me with both her insight and foresight.

She can improve your Emotional Intelligence, no matter how “in-tune” you think you are already. Then just wait and see what a difference it makes in your personal life and your career. I use my new or improved skills at work and at home every single day.

Through InLight Coaching with Svetlana, I reaffirmed my career objectives, created a new plan for achieving them, and made stronger business relationships. I’m moving towards career goals that matter to me every day, and I’m much more confident in all of my interpersonal relationships. In short, I am happy, I feel fulfilled, and I’m glad that she’s out there giving others the opportunity to feel the same way.

Brian Fix, PhD, Founder, Angel Investor, San Francisco, USA


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