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Are you ready to transform your life?

Are you ready to live with the career needed to make a difference in your life in alignment with your own life purpose?

If you want something new, do something different. Today.
You are not to blame for being dissatisfied or unhappy at work. You are, however, in control of your future. Don’t let your parents, your children, your peers, your boss, your television, or your past tell you what you are supposed to be!
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Why Choose Coaching?

It’s a sad fact that most people are dissatisfied with their career. Many people feel undervalued, pointless, and stagnant in their work. Sometimes, earning more money can take the edge off that unhappiness, but the source of the discontent is still there.

To end unhappiness in your job, you’ll need to come to grips with how you actually feel about yourself. This might sound scary; however, it’s actually very powerful. And, I can be there to help you every step of the way. As the saying goes, if you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll get more of what you’ve got. If you are unhappy with your current career, therefore, you need to make a change.

With InLight Coaching, I can help you discover what kinds of changes will transform your life. I will help you make an achievable, actionable plan for achieving this change. Even more importantly, I’ll see that you develop the emotional and psychological skills you need to follow it.
  • Awareness is the Beginning of Change.The first step in change is awareness. InLight Coaching can raise your awareness. We will do this by examining your current beliefs and discussing how they might be self-limiting. It can be helpful to see things from a new perspective. I will offer you tools that will help you be objective. A change in career is unlikely to give you a sense of purpose unless you change too. I can help you become aware of the true sources of your unhappiness or discontent. Then I’ll give you the tools you need to make your life the way you desire.
    Worried about career success? Look at some of the most successful people in the world. Career success follows people who are aware of their needs and desires; when they know what they want and why, they are more passionate and allow their talents to shine.
    I’ll help you become aware that you already hold the keys to a fulfilling life.
  • Being at Choice. This means you have the freedom and control to make personal choices whenever you choose. With InLight Coaching, I will empower you to develop the confidence and clarity to make courageous choices. You’ll need to be courageous
    to live the life you want. You can do it and I am looking forward to showing you how. Established ways of thinking can hold us back. When you are aware of your thought patterns, including the unhelpful ways of thinking, you have the power to change how you think. Change how you think, and you can change your life. I’ll show you how to replace your unhelpful ways of thinking with new thought patterns rooted in your motivation and sense of purpose.The way to feel happiness is to identify your passion, and then match it with your unique gifts and abilities. When your passion and your gifts are in sync, and you can share this with the world, you will have found your life’s purpose.
    The choices you make, from today forward, will determine how quickly you reach the path towards your life’s purpose.
  • Coaching is the Catalyst. As a coach, I do not have a crystal ball. I do, however, have the training and experience to ask you the right questions to get things moving. I will help you connect with the times you were happiest. Together, we’ll bring those ideas into play when considering your current work situation. Understanding your situation and understanding yourself will give you strength. I will help you to face your fears and overcome them. With improved perspective and emotional intelligence, you’ll be able to make rational decisions that improve your life. If you are one of those people who already knows his or her passion, this is great. We can get straight to work helping you align your passion with your abilities, giving your life more depth and meaning.
    If not, don’t worry. Your passion is waiting to be discovered, and we can do so together. I will help you discover your motivation, energy, purpose, and power.

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“We publish the book of our lives every day through our actions”

– David Brooks