Work With Me!

How do we do it?

First of all, we’ll spend 60 minutes together on Skype or Zoom. This will be a precious time carved out for you and your life and will focus on “I”.  When have you done that recently?  The spot light is on you and only you now!  If you don’t already know it, you will learn that you are naturally creative and resourceful and that you already have all the answers!  Stay curious!

I will guide and challenge you as we work our way through structured exercises and vital powerful questions. I will be your sounding board and help translate what you are expressing into a course of action leading to more awareness, confidence, and impact. Ah… the value and relief of clarity! Things are becoming easier and more straightforward. You are experiencing the satisfaction of being on the right track. You are fully aware of the motivators you need to boost your confidence and unlock your ideal career. Once you unlock your career, your purpose in life comes shining through!

Why Work with Me?

Because I believe in Aha! moments. Luckily, when I had mine, I realized that I am absolutely passionate about coaching people for career development, purpose building, legacy creation and confidence boosting, in order to live a work-lifestyle balanced, rewarding, fulfilling life.

Here is the sample map of Aha! moments of well-known people. 

Do you want to experience your own? 

Get Executive InLight Coaching!

What is next?

Step One. Complementary Sessions are currently available Wednesday mornings, PST.
When you book for a 60 minute complementary session, you’ll be taken to my online calendar to book a Wednesday morning appointment that suits you. Once your session is confirmed, you’ll receive an email asking for some preliminary information; this will help me to fully prepare for our time together. Send your request.

Step Two. I offer two types of monthly investment: – $900 (for three sessions at $300 per session) or $600 (for two sessions at $300 per session). Also, I offer a discounted rate: You can buy a three-month package for $2,250 (for 9 sessions at $250 per session) or $1,500 (for 6 sessions at $250 per session).

Coaching Session

Work With Coach

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