I chose Svetlana as my coach for developing emotional awareness because of her exceptional emotional maturity, wealth of life experience, and extraordinary insight. Not only did I really enjoy our sessions together, but she challenged me to explore “out-of- the-box” and to work within the context of my own life experience.
During my coaching with Svetlana I achieved more growth, awareness, and movement toward goals than during any other time in my life. I now know who I am and what I want and have developed an awareness of my gifts that I am sharing with the world.

Hina Patel, MBA, Business Consultant, London, UK

As I reflect back on our time together, I realize how much I was able to step out of my box of feeling like a victim and feeling a sense of powerlessness. With Svetlana’s laser insights and loving kindness, I felt seen and experienced great relief of hope. I am now living my life with so much more calm and ease. This was a major goal of mine and one I can now mirror back for others.

I believe our coaching and your guidance went beyond my expectations. I reactivated my power and recognized my critical thinking voice much more quickly. What would I like to say about our coaching relationship? I believe my coaching relationship with Svetlana is one of the most powerful and intimate relationships I engage in. It is very reassuring to know that I can be in whatever space, and with her loving acceptance and keen curiosity I always shift back to my center. She is a fierce coach which is what the world needs! I would recommend Svetlana to anyone who needs a coach!

Laurie Riker, MS, Director of Human Resources, Los Angeles, CA

Svetlana is one of the most dedicated and capable people I have ever known. Her coaching allowed me to see the truth in my vision that had previously been blocked because of doubt, fear, and low self-confidence. Honesty, integrity, and competence are understatements when used to describe her. I cannot overstate Svetlana's contribution to my life. Her coaching provided objectivity that I could not get on my own. She held me accountable for my actions and helped me to achieve my goals.

Oliya Temnikoff, BA, Controller, San Rafael, CA.