Svetlana excels at helping people change. Among her greatest strengths is helping people advance in their careers, relationships and design purposeful lives. She is extremely empathetic and immediately creates rapport with her clients, transforming each session into a constantly advancing step on an exciting and fulfilling journey. She is not afraid to challenge clients and she supports them throughout their development and increase of their Emotional Intelligence (EI).

Through Svetlana’s coaching, I became aware of options, possibilities, and resources that helped me overcome previously daunting obstacles. I strongly recommend her to anyone who wishes to achieve objectives that currently seem unobtainable. She will make sure that your goals are meaningful to you, and she will show you how to attain the results you desire.

Alexa Smith, Co-Founder, NLP Business Institute, Madrid, Spain

The one word that best describes Svetlana's work as an Executive Emotional Intelligence coach is AMAZING. We meet every other week on Skype and every session results in forward movement in both my professional accomplishments and personal life. She has made a difference in my life!

I recommend her without any reservations whatsoever and can only hope that as many people will benefit from her expertise, compassion, brain and intuitive thinking as her time allows. And if you are interested in having Svetlana make a difference in your life, you better move fast because her 'dance card' is filling up very quickly.

Julie Lewit-Nerenberg, President and Founder, Operation Reinvent, New York

Svetlana is not the only coach I’ve ever tried, but she certainly is the best. She has the balance of skills required to help anyone achieve their dreams.

Sometimes advancing in your career means stopping to take a good look at where you are. Sometimes it means changing track.

With Svetlana, I learned that there’s no point busting a gut to achieve a goal that doesn’t really move you.

My skills were not the problem. Nor was my job. I had to change.

Svetlana listens, guides, and provides insights. She repeatedly demonstrated that she has an extraordinarily high EQ and she used those skills to give me techniques that have dramatically improved my Emotional Intelligence. I have to admit that she surprised me with both her insight and foresight.

She can improve your Emotional Intelligence, no matter how “in-tune” you think you are already. Then just wait and see what a difference it makes in your personal life and your career. I use my new or improved skills at work and at home every single day.

Through InLight Coaching with Svetlana, I reaffirmed my career objectives, created a new plan for achieving them, and made stronger business relationships. I’m moving towards career goals that matter to me every day, and I’m much more confident in all of my interpersonal relationships. In short, I am happy, I feel fulfilled, and I’m glad that she’s out there giving others the opportunity to feel the same way.

Brian Fix, PhD, Founder, Angel Investor, San Francisco, USA

During my coaching with Svetlana I clarified my life purpose as well as what I am saying “yes” to and “no” to in my life. I acquired greater awareness of my power and the tools I have at my disposal.

Now, I am in control of my life and have the power to effect needed personal changes. I am more aware of my options in difficult situations and less likely to let emotions in the heat of the moment drive my actions. A coaching relationship with Svetlana is unique and incredibly beautiful! It’s filled with love and caring. Svetlana is an outstanding coach who listened with her heart and asked questions that jolted me out of my stuck mindset. As a result, I made positive and lasting changes in how I perceive and live my life.

Chong Kee Tan, PhD, Founder of Bay Bucks, San Francisco, CA