Purpose Building

InLight Coaching will support you in realizing your purpose and in living the life that you envision and long for!

Game on!

My clients are committed, career-driven, seasoned professionals, who have already accomplished their big goals and who want to keep growing to achieve more and are now facing new questions:

  • Have I dreamed big enough?
  • Do I live in integrity with my own values?
  • Am I using my own talents and gifts fully?
  • Am I passionate about what I do?
  • Am I playing fully in life?
  • Am I resting on my laurels?

Now, I am challenging you: if you answered no to any of these questions and you are curious about what is next, be courageous, accept a life challenge, and contact me. There are no accidents. Don’t doubt that you are in the right place. Stay curious and treat yourself to three coaching sessions with me. In just three sessions you will discover new perspectives that will guide you toward your next compelling life purpose and sharing your gifts. These discoveries will benefit you for the rest of your life.

How it works.

I provide coaching sessions via Skype or Google Hangouts or Zoom from wherever you are in the world. Each session lasts 60 minutes and normally costs $300 per session.

I always recommend a minimum of three sessions, to give yourself time to fully work on the issues you want to address. For this reason I offer the initial three sessions at the price of $300. In addition, to get you started I offer 30 minute complimentary introductory session. Email your request.

Do you want to clarify your purpose and amplify your impact in the world? Is lack of clarity preventing you from getting where you want to be? Don’t hesitate to contact me to ask for more information and to schedule your free introductory coaching session. The only limits we have in life are those which we set ourselves. I can’t wait to support you in discovering your gifts and moving into alignment with your own life purpose. Get curious? Game on!

“Clarify your purpose. What is behind everything you do? When we know this in life or design, it is very empowering and the path is clear.”

– Jack Canfield

“The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why.”

– Mark Twain