InLight is a unique, passionate, and powerful Executive Coaching Service!

It is a catalyst that creates transformation in both a gentle and a robust way. It’s gentle because the coach is a very intuitive and non-judgmental listener, naturally holding your goals and helping you to satisfy your long-term hunger for work-lifestyle fulfillment. It’s robust because InLIght Coaching challenges you to honor and fortify your values and inherent strengths. It calls forth your courage and willingness to be decisive and to move beyond your complacency and complaints about what you do or do not have. Behind every complaint is a request for change. What are your complaints really telling you?

To enlist the support of an Executive Coach is to make a powerful choice for yourself.

You can’t change the beginning of the game; it started a long time ago. However, you can accomplish a glorious outcome by confidently utilizing all your powers of discernment and passion to fulfill your desires and create a more meaningful career and purposeful life. Be courageous and trust yourself! Become the executive of your own life! Use your Executive Coach for guidance and support to press on toward the goals of your new game! Curious about stepping out onto your new playing field? Email me your request to schedule your 30-minute complimentary coaching session.

Meet Your Coach

meet your coach
Svetlana Whitener: Senior Executive Coach

Take a powerful step and commit to having an Executive Coach. The choice is between comfortably doing nothing and maintaining the status quo, or playing courageously and contacting me.
Personal Letter

Our Seven Principles

  • design alliances between client and coach
  • honor client’s own values and choices
  • keep the client accountable and committed to desired actions
  • encourage risk taking and boost confidence for new beginnings
  • evoke transformation toward client’s goals and dreams
  • adhere to international code of ethics ICF (International Coach Federation)
  • play a bigger game fully, everything is possible

Our Purpose

InLight Coaching will support you in growing your capacity to actualize your visions and longings! I will support you in fully embracing your viable gifts and discovering your ideal career with realizing your purpose. The legacy spot light is on you!

“Do you not know yet? It is your light that lights the world.”

– Rumi

“Your life does not get better by chance. It gets better by change”.

– Jim Rohn

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