Construct Your Belief System On Reality, Not Imagined Facts

Hopefully, this article is as helpful to you in reading it as it was to me in writing it. Like my other articles, its purpose is to help you focus on the importance of developing your own strategy for differentiating reality from imagined facts. Because imagined facts can be the basis of limiting beliefs, it…

Eliminate Harmful Self-Criticism And Be The Person You Really Are

Each day, tens of thousands of thoughts run through our mind, and most of them are repeats from the day before. Imagine, then, if you were to allow even a small portion of these thoughts to be harmful self-criticism. Think of how much you would be setting yourself up for dissatisfaction, unhappiness and an unneeded…

How Your Intelligence Supports Your Full Potential

This article is about the multiple intelligence theory (MI), and the reason I write about it is simple. It’s because I am convinced that by knowing about MI and identifying your primary intelligence, you can discover your full potential and significantly improve your happiness. By being connected to the most effective path to your own…