How To Push Past The Fear That Procrastination Creates And Act

Some procrastinating can be useful. This useful form of procrastination is called selective or proactive procrastination and is usually harmless. It can be as meaningless as choosing to mow the lawn tomorrow rather than today. We all engage in it, and it helps make our lives more manageable, less stressful and not so compulsive. However,…

How To Uncover Unconscious Barriers And Manifest Your Desires

“Manifestation” is a term for describing a way of making your dreams come true. It involves immersing yourself in an imagined or visualized scene, so you feel you are living that reality and are confident you are going to attain or achieve your dream. Some people claim they can manifest things like a new car,…

Tapping Into Motivation And Vitality: Escape The Darkness By Following Your Light

As revealed in a recent report, the mental health of 44% of employees surveyed had declined as a result of the pandemic. A significant portion of that reported decline represents individuals suffering from depression. According to the World Health Organization, depression affects about 280 million people worldwide.  If you’re clinically depressed (i.e., have reached the point where your…