“Create Your Life Kaleidoscope” a self – coaching exercise

InLight Coaching creates and utilizes a dynamic relationship approach in which you and the coach work together to access your core strengths and talents, putting you, instead of others, in charge.

The starting point is your passion. You go where your passion takes you. “Find and Follow your passion!”

Here is a simple “Create Your Life Kaleidoscope” self – coaching exercise for you:

Imagine that life is like an ever-shifting kaleidoscope – make a slight change and the patterns change completely. But what, you ask, can initiate a shift of your life’s kaleidoscope? Let’s find out!

First, you need to answer these questions:

  1. What is your favorite color? – Red, for example
  2. What is a color about which you feel neutral? – Green, for example
  3. What is your favorite shape?  Square, Circle, Triangle, Heart or a Star? – A Circle, for example
  4. On average, how many hours per night do you sleep? Eight, for example. Subtracting this number from 24 will tell us how many “available” hours you have in each day
  5. Do the following categories represent the majority of your weekly activities?
  6. Which category would you like to add/replace?
  • (SH) Self/Heath (grooming, nourishing, learning, hobbies, working out, hiking, meditating, etc.)
  • (OR) Others/Relationship (family, partners, friends, colleagues, etc.)
  • (CH) Chores (house work, yard work, etc.)
  • (PW) Paid Work
  • (UW) Unpaid Work (working overtime, business traveling, etc.)
  • (C) Community (networking, volunteering, etc.)
  • (I) Information (TV, Internet, mobile devices, games, etc.)
  • (F) Fun (entertainment, traveling, socializing, etc.)
  • (TL) Time Lost (your version of time lost each day – commuting for example)
  • (EA) Escape/addictions: shopping, smoking, taking on the phone, gambling, etc.)

Second, write down all your daily activities for an entire week and use One Circle for every hour.

Third, fill the circles with colors:

  • RED for the activities that you like
  • GREEN for the activities you don’t mind doing
  • BLACK for the activities you don’t like

Fourth, summarize the number of circles by colors and likes.

Here are two “Aha” moments of two kaleidoscopes for imaginary people:

Amy doesn’t like and just tolerates almost half of her weekly activities. It could represent her annual life kaleidoscope, too. Brian has discovered that he is happy with his job but not satisfied with his relationships.

So, if this is your life’s kaleidoscope image, what motivates you? What is spectacular about it? What is awful about it? What are you just tolerating? What would you like to change?

After you complete the exercise, pick just one change to make in your life. This change can be the slight movement that will shift your kaleidoscope and enhance your life!

If you do this exercise every week, it will show you where your passion lies. Also, it will assist you in discovering at least one thing you need to change. Contact me if you need the template for creating your life kaleidoscope self-coaching exercise or want to talk further.

I am Svetlana Whitener who helps you stop procrastinating about your life/business goals and connects you to your true purpose and passion.

If you are a client: http://inlightcoaching.com/?page_id=14

If you are a coach: http://bit.ly/1HP34U5


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