Break Away From What We Know

Life can be beautiful! Isn’t that true?

Are you familiar with the feeling that comes when you are passionate about sharing something with others who need your knowledge and expertise? If your answer is “yes, “ then I ask that you join me in my deep-felt desire to support those who would begin the journey to fulfillment of their life purpose and dream, a journey, which reflects their emotional competence and awareness of their place in the world.

One of my current clients exemplifies what I am talking about with the following pithy message, which was on her t-shirt: “Break away from what we know.”

Prior to coaching she had just thought the words were a cute slogan. After coaching, she was absolutely stunned to realize that the message seemed perfectly tailored to her and her place in the world. She had long been complacent and in a rut, both in her career development and in her personal life. Now, her tee shirt was telling her to let go of a lifetime of baggage and inability to see beyond her immediate horizons and limiting beliefs.

Personal development work, such as coaching, transforms your state of mind and gives your soul the opportunity to express itself in your consciousness. Please let me know if someone in your work or personal life needs to overcome current challenges, has her/his feet held to the fire and win in LIFE by breaking away from negative experiences and learning from them!


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