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Affordable Coaching: You Can Be The One Who Crafts Your Tomorrow!

Through a tall glass of cool, clear water, I looked at my daily schedule on my computer screen.  I saw the fuzzy list of my daily competing priorities: operations group conference call 7—8 budget call 8—10 coaching meeting 10—11 client meeting 11—noon brown bag lunch with mentee then a barrage of meetings the rest of the day… No way I’d get…

“Create Your Life Kaleidoscope” a self – coaching exercise

InLight Coaching creates and utilizes a dynamic relationship approach in which you and the coach work together to access your core strengths and talents, putting you, instead of others, in charge. The starting point is your passion. You go where your passion takes you. “Find and Follow your passion!” Here is a simple “Create Your Life…

What is positive psychology?

Simply put, positive psychology is the study of the factors that enable us to live happy and fulfilled lives.  Sounds obvious?  Not so, it seems.  For the last 50 years, psychology has studied the reverse – that is, what’s wrong with you?  With a little help from evolution and the assistance of psychology we’ve all…

Scientists Say It Only Takes 66 Days To Change Your Life, If You’re Strong Enough

There’s no denying that we are, indeed, creatures of habit.  Our minds and bodies are dependent on stimulations, actions and patterns that come to define who we are. Our habits are our security blankets, enveloping us in their consistent presence and comfort of familiarity. We do them unconsciously, for example, sticking fingers and cigarettes in…

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