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How Your Emotions Influence Your Decisions

According to Herbert Simon, American Nobel Laureate scientist, “In order to have anything like a complete theory of human rationality, we have to understand what role emotion plays in it.” As Dr. Simon and others have pointed out, emotions influence, skew or sometimes completely determine the outcome of a large number of decisions we are…

The Benefits Of Expressing Your Emotions

When we hear the question, “How are you?” our instinctive response is, “I’m fine” — in spite of the fact that we may not be fine at all. Our society’s custom and practice is to mask how we’re really feeling and respond with the standard, glib answer. But what if you went against expectations and…

How Do You Perceive Your Emotional Intelligence?

To begin our examination of emotional intelligence, let’s imagine an iceberg. The visible part of the iceberg, which we know is just the small upper tip of it, represents your cognitive intelligence, or IQ. The much larger, underwater part represents your emotional intelligence, or EQ. While we all know about the importance of IQ, recent…

Why Being A Perfectionist Can Hold You Back

Sounds surprising, doesn’t it? How is it possible that being driven to strive for perfection can hold you back? How can it be that desire and efforts toward a positive outcome can lead to negative results? My work with clients has given me many opportunities to observe the impact of perfectionism on their professional and…

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