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The Key To Overcoming Anger Is Understanding

Anger is the silent killer of many relationships, both personal and professional. If you want to avoid it, you must practice "understanding." Doing so requires emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence allows you to develop calmer, deeper and more meaningful relationships. It means you understand your own emotions and feelings as well as the emotions and feelings…

How To Become An Emotionally Wise Business Leader

In this age of reliance on impersonal devices, such as computers and the like, I submit that it is ever more important to make sure that what personal interaction is left is as effective, fruitful and rewarding as possible. If the number of your human-to-human interactions is to be reduced, then let's make sure you…

How Setting Boundaries Positively Impacts Your Self-Esteem

Your level of self-esteem and the boundaries you set for yourself are very closely related. Generally, the higher your self-esteem, the more well-defined your boundaries. Before we go on to discuss exactly why this is so, let’s first define what boundaries actually are. Establishing personal boundaries reflects the way you take responsibility for your life.…

How To Make Excellence A Habit

We are what we repeatedly do and I firmly believe that our habits are a major component of our character. Certain aspects of our character we are born with and can’t do a lot to change. However, every one of us can establish, hone and perfect good habits. If you aim for excellence in life,…

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