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How Differentiate Learning From Growing

When we think about professional and personal development, we usually think about taking courses, reading self-help books, attending professional training, having a mentor, etc. These often come into play as we realize that professional and personal development lead us to self-actualization, the highest point in Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Maslow explicitly defines self-actualization as…

How To Change Your Victim Mindset To A Victor Mindset

Have you heard of the classic victim versus victor mindset? If you haven’t, you need to. This mental attitude consists of two separate and opposite mindsets, recognition of which can help you attain your goals and feel fulfilled in your personal and professional lives. Having a classic victor inclination helps you create an easy integration…

What To Do If You End Up In A Career You Don’t Enjoy

Lack of fulfillment in a career often evokes the question, “How did I end up in a career I don’t enjoy?” If you have asked yourself this question, or one similar to it, your best option is to explore your core reasons for feeling frustrated. Then, based on your reflections, you can take steps to…

How To Understand The Difference Between Goals And Outcomes

The root of all goals and resultant outcomes is a desired change. However, in my work with clients, I often sense their misconception as to what goals are and what outcomes are. They think that the two are identical and not separate entities. The truth is that the journey to achievement starts with a goal…

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