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The Difference Between Making A Choice And A Decision

Although it might appear that the words “choice” and “decision” are just synonyms for the same thing, there is actually a difference between the two. From psychological investigations, we know that the difference stems from the concepts of freedom and determinism, where freedom is the place of choice and determinism is the point of decision. A…

The Modern Leader: Managing Based On Generational Preferences

How can leaders get ready to work with Generations Y and Z? What kind of robust new focus should they have? Which route do modern leaders need to be taking? The answers to these questions have become increasingly relevant now that leadership is undergoing a major transformation after its evolution from “title and role” to a…

What is Your Legacy For The Next Generation?

When my daughter turned sixteen I invited her for the first time to participate in a daily workshop I was leading.  The topic of the workshop was developing authentic listening skills. During the exercise all of the participants admitted to poor listening skills. They related that during their own conversations they often interrupted each other, talked over…

Stop Wishing! Start Doing!

The famous quote says: "Our thinking creates problems that the same type of thinking can’t resolve."  If you don’t know at this moment what motivates you in life, let’s explore the definition and types of motivation.  It will provide you with more clarity on the subject and move you to an exploration mindset. First, here…

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