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Doubt And Certainty: How Contrasting Perspectives Can Empower You

Doubt and certainty are feelings on opposite poles of an axis, each having a significant role to play as you progress down your path of personal development. While certainty can make your actions more effective, you must allow enough doubt in order to see other perspectives and challenges. Because they are opposites, the relationship between…

How To Develop Self-Reliance And Overcome Codependency

Codependency is not only about over reliance on another person. It is also a sign of an underlying mental and emotional issue that can cause extreme discomfort and the loss of inner confidence. Thus, it is particularly important to address as it is a threat to your overall health and well-being. Fortunately, researchers have determined…

The Fuel Of Personal Development Is Motivation

Personal development is any activity that makes you a better person. Its goal is to give you more confidence and make you a happier, more satisfied individual. It concerns itself with improving awareness, honing talents, developing emotional intelligence and building your appreciation of yourself and all of your attributes. As with any significant undertaking, but…

Is Your Complaint Really Just An Unspoken Request?

Do you sometimes not ask for something because you don't believe you deserve it? Do you have a limiting belief, sometimes unconscious, that takes control of you and says you are not worthy of some act or thing another person has the power to give? Maybe you complain that a friend or family member doesn't…

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