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How Do You Perceive Your Emotional Intelligence?

To begin our examination of emotional intelligence, let’s imagine an iceberg. The visible part of the iceberg, which we know is just the small upper tip of it, represents your cognitive intelligence, or IQ. The much larger, underwater part represents your emotional intelligence, or EQ. While we all know about the importance of IQ, recent…

Why Being A Perfectionist Can Hold You Back

Sounds surprising, doesn’t it? How is it possible that being driven to strive for perfection can hold you back? How can it be that desire and efforts toward a positive outcome can lead to negative results? My work with clients has given me many opportunities to observe the impact of perfectionism on their professional and…

How Self-Efficacy Changes Your Self-Confidence

An axiom: Setting goals is one of the most necessary steps to effectuating change in your life. As most of us know, though, it is often quite difficult just to take that first step and make the commitment. Why is that? Ask yourself these questions: • Is some particular reason or thing stopping you from…

How Differentiate Learning From Growing

When we think about professional and personal development, we usually think about taking courses, reading self-help books, attending professional training, having a mentor, etc. These often come into play as we realize that professional and personal development lead us to self-actualization, the highest point in Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Maslow explicitly defines self-actualization as…

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