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Leaders, Do You Have A Role Model Personality?

Recently, I saw a friend’s post on LinkedIn in which she wrote about leadership styles as well as her promotion to vice president of her company. “Leaders don’t force people to follow,” she wrote. “They invite them on a journey.” She concluded with: “I have been invited!” That’s all well and good, and I congratulated…

How You Can Increase Your Emotional Capital As A Leader

By now, you’ve probably heard of emotional intelligence. But have you ever heard of “emotional capital?” According to researcher Robert K. Cooper, Ph.D., “Emotional intelligence is the ability to sense, understand, and effectively apply the power and acumen of emotions as a source of energy, information, connection, and influence.” Emotional capital (EK), however, is the…

Reprogram Your Self-Talk For The Sake Of Your Success As A Leader

As you know, your self-talk can either boost you or drag you down, depending on whether it’s positive or negative. Positive self-talk is, of course, a product of your self-confidence and leads to relatively few problems. This article mostly won’t talk about it. It’s your negative self-talk, with its origins in self-doubt, that is problematic,…

How Negative Emotions Can Empower You As A Leader

Did you know that fear and anger can be used to your benefit as a leader? Too often, we resist accepting negative emotional data such as fear and anger, and don’t give it a chance to inform our decisions. However, with a little practice we can come to learn that we are holistic individuals and…

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