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Eight Tips To Help You Step Out From The Shadow Of Shyness And Build Confidence

Your ability to communicate effectively is one of the greatest influences on your professional and personal success. Having that ability impaired by shyness is, therefore, a huge impediment to attracting and interacting with the people you want and need in your life in order to accomplish your goals. That said, we must be careful not…

The Value Of A Growth Mindset, And How To Develop One

Dr. Carol S. Dweck, pioneer in the study of fixed versus growth mindsets, demonstrated that in predicting success, it doesn't matter whether someone is gifted or not. What matters is a person’s belief that they can succeed and prevail. The person who doesn’t succeed is often blocked by a fixed mindset — that is, a…

How To Use A Trust-Based Approach To Leadership And Management

Whether you're thinking about relationships in the business world or in your personal life, doesn't adopting a trust-based approach, rather than trying to control and micro-manage every detail, sound good?  Of course it does. Learning to trust rather than control will change your perspective on life and allow you to more clearly see the world.…

The Importance Of Emotional Intelligence In Business

The reason a high degree of emotional intelligence is increasingly valued and sought-after by employers and individuals is that it has such a deep impact on everything a person does. It’s a way of thinking and acting that allows one to be more aware and understanding of all those around him or her, leading to…

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