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How Eliminating Blame And Practicing Forgiveness Serves Your Best Interests

Blaming is easy. Forgiving tends to be relatively difficult. But if you want to become the best version of yourself, it's essential that you make forgiveness an everyday habit. Often when we blame others, it's because blaming has become a habit. We are unaware both of what we are doing and the deleterious results. It…

How To Banish Busyness With Mindfulness

When somebody asks "How are you?" is "Busy" the answer you give and expect to receive from others? When you repeatedly give or hear this answer, it means you or the other person has normalized "busyness" as a usual state of affairs. It doesn't have to be that way, and when it is, it is…

How To Close The gap Between Aimlessness and Purposefulness

When my executive clients tell me they can't find their purpose in life, I ask them two questions: 1. As a person, are you more optimistic or pessimistic? We all carry the illumination of our life purpose within us. If that illumination is excessively dark, and we suffer from a lack of self-awareness, it can…

The Key To Overcoming Anger Is Understanding

Anger is the silent killer of many relationships, both personal and professional. If you want to avoid it, you must practice "understanding." Doing so requires emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence allows you to develop calmer, deeper and more meaningful relationships. It means you understand your own emotions and feelings as well as the emotions and feelings…

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