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Reprogram Your Self-Talk For The Sake Of Your Success As A Leader

As you know, your self-talk can either boost you or drag you down, depending on whether it’s positive or negative. Positive self-talk is, of course, a product of your self-confidence and leads to relatively few problems. This article mostly won’t talk about it. It’s your negative self-talk, with its origins in self-doubt, that is problematic,…

How Negative Emotions Can Empower You As A Leader

Did you know that fear and anger can be used to your benefit as a leader? Too often, we resist accepting negative emotional data such as fear and anger, and don’t give it a chance to inform our decisions. However, with a little practice we can come to learn that we are holistic individuals and…

How To Sustain Your Motivation

The word “motivation” is, of course, derived from the word “motive,” which means a need, want or actualizing force. Another way to describe it is the behavioral process of being sparked into action in order to accomplish your goals and better your life. The hard part about motivation is not knowing exactly what it is.…

The Lifelong Journey Of Personal Development

The term “personal development” is very much a part of today’s lexicon, but have you ever thought about what it really means? I describe personal development as a transformational journey of human evolution, which improves self-awareness and self-actualization. Personal development is what lets you realize your full potential and be all that you can be.…

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